Malo de Courville

Engineer, Architect, founder & designer of point Malo

The French architectural design transposed to leatherwork creation

Form follows function

Louis Sullivan


It is the assimilation of the specifications, of several types of use, of ergonomic rules that give the form and so the aesthetic of our leather goods. Every leather piece has its own functions and participate to the global appearance of our products.

The time dedicated to the design draw all our attention. With several handmade sketches, prototypes manufacturing, an open and ongoing exchange with the workshop, we work on the model in order to launch the fabrication of the product that will suit perfectly to our guidelines and our clients needs.

Passion for detail

God is in the details

Mies Van der Rohe

Malo de Courville

Engineer, Architect, founder & designer of point Malo

As architects, the study of the detail is part of our DNA. Nothing is left to chance. If we want a pure leather aspect without any metallic piece on the Cartable, we have to innovate in order to hide those useful elements.


A unique French Craftmanship: guarantee the quality to serve our everyday life.

We work closely with our workshop properly selected, specialized in French and Italian high quality of leather. Their deep knowledge established since several generations is allowing us to achieve the best quality of work. The leather comes from French and Italian tanneries and is treated with European standards.